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Australian parents are unknowingly putting their children’s teeth at risk!

Australian parents are unknowingly putting their children’s teeth at risk, as many are unaware of the irreversible damage sports drinks can have on juvenile dental health The Australian Dental association recently released some very disturbing statistics about Australian children and their oral health, specifically related to Sports drinks and Mouth guards. After reading the article

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Toothache while diving!

So why does toothache while diving occur?  I have been diving for many years now and have from time to time come across people who report pain from their teeth while diving. This is usually followed soon after by a Facebook argument of the possible cause culminating in experts (every man and his dog) reporting

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Dental Colouring in Competition

Colouring in Competition We are running a Colouring in competition for the month of August. If you are under 12, all you need to do is draw a picture of you Cleaning your teeth or Visiting the dentist. You can email us your picture at or send it to us at 28/60 Royal Street

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Dental Health Week

August 3rd-9th 2015 Its Dental Health week, so its a good time to recap on the Basics of Oral Hygiene. Well we all know that we should be looking after our health but many of us forget that, our oral hygiene plays a big role in our overall health.  Things to remember about your mouth

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Why wear a mouth guard??

Every year thousands of Australians are treated for Dental injuries that could have been prevented or minimised by wearing a custom made mouth guard.  If you or your children participate in contact or collision sports then you should definitely we wearing a mouth guard. The Australian Dental Association  (ADA) recommends wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard,

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