Why you should wear a custom fitted Mouth Guard

Why you should wear a custom fitted Mouth Guard

A mouth guard, custom-fitted by your dentist, can reduce the risk of dental injuries. Sport, leisure and recreation activities are the most common cause of dental injuries. Dental injuries can be painful, disfiguring and expensive to treat. Dental injuries may result in time off work or school to recover, and lengthy dental treatment. A mouthguard, custom-fitted by your dentist and worn every time you play or train will protect against dental injuries.

Types of dental injuries from Sporting activities

  • cut lips
  • cut gums
  • cut cheeks
  • cuts to the tongue or face
  • chipped teeth
  • broken teeth
  • knocked out teeth
  • broken jaw

Mouthguard features

Wearing an appropriately designed and made mouthguard while participating in sport will protect against dental injuries. Players of all ages involved in sports and activities where they are at risk of an injury to the face should protect their teeth with a properly fitted mouthguard.  A protective mouthguard should:

  • be comfortable yet tight-fitting
  • allow normal breathing and swallowing
  • allow normal speech
  • not cause gagging
  • be odourless and tasteless
  • be thick enough (4 mm) to provide protection against impact.

Types of mouth guards- There are three basic types of mouth guard include:

  • Custom-fitted – These mouth guards are made by a dentist or a dental technician to fit the person’s mouth. They provide the best protection due to their close fit, comfort and cushioning (shock absorption) effect. They are the most expensive option. However, the cost of an injury to the teeth or jaw will be a lot more expensive. Dentists recommend custom-fitted mouthguards.

For pricing just give us a call on 9225 6564, if you have Private health insurance you might be surprised at how little you have to pay as some Insurance companies cover up to 90% of the cost for adults and 100% for children. http://www.mendelsohndental.com.au/mouth-guards/

  • Boil-and-bite – once the lining is softened in boiling water, the person bites on the mouth guard to help it take the shape of their mouth. These mouthguards may not conform to the person’s bite and can be uncomfortable to wear. A ‘boil-and-bite’ mouthguard should be replaced each season.
  • Stock – a ready-to-wear mouth guard that comes pre-formed. While these are the least expensive mouthguard, they also offer the least amount of protection. They tend to be uncomfortable and fit poorly.
Mouth guards are essential

How to care for your mouthguard

  • Rinse the mouthguard in soap and warm (not hot) water after each use. Allow it to air-dry.
  • Disinfect the mouthguard from time to time with a mouthwash.
  • Keep the mouthguard in a well-ventilated plastic storage box when not in use. The box should have several holes in it.
  • Do not leave the mouthguard in direct sunlight, in a closed car or in the car’s glove box. Heat can damage it.
  • Make sure your mouthguard is in good condition before each use.
  • Ask your dentist to inspect your mouthguard at every dental check-up.
  • Replace the mouthguard if it is damaged.
  • Replace a child’s mouthguard every 12 to 18 months, even if it appears to be in good condition. Growth and new teeth can alter the fit.
  • Replace an adult’s mouthguard after dental treatment or tooth loss. Otherwise, it should last for several years.

Safety tips for Mouth guards

Be guided by your dentist and coach, but general suggestions include:

  • Wear the mouthguard at all times, including games and training sessions.
  • Players undergoing dental treatment can have a custom-fitted mouthguard made by their dentist to fit comfortably and accurately over their braces.
  • See your dentist if the mouth guard starts to feel uncomfortable or does not fit well.

For more information on the importance of wearing a mouth Guard have a look at the ADA’s website http://www.ada.org.au/app_cmslib/media/lib/0803/m122654_v1_whywearamouthguard.pdf

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