Oral Surgery

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Why do people get their wisdom teeth taken out?

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth taken out and Dr Mendelsohn can take a quick x-ray to assess your individual case. In many cases there may not be enough room for the wisdom teeth in the jaws.

When this happens the teeth may erupt at the wrong angle or not fully erupt. This can cause damage to the near-by teeth or cause an infection due to the tooth being partially covered in the gum and unable to be properly cleaned. In these cases having the teeth removed before there is a problem can avoid potential pain and damage.

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Oral Surgery Procedures

Dr Mendelsohn has undergone extensive training in a range of oral surgery procedures. His clinic is equipped for anything from wisdom teeth extractions and biopsies to bone grafting and implant dentistry.

All these procedures can be done under varying levels of sedation including I.V. sedation where a visiting anesthetist comes to administer medications to help reduce anxiety and help the appointment go by much faster and easier. For more information regarding the various types of sedation we offer see our sleep dentistry page.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Perth

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All Surgical/Medical procedures carry a risk.  Please speak with Dr Mendelsohn about the risks specific to your case.

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