Why wear a mouth guard??

Why wear a mouth guard??

Every year thousands of Australians are treated for Dental injuries that could have been prevented or minimised by wearing a custom made mouth guard.  If you or your children participate in contact or collision sports then you should definitely we wearing a mouth guard.

The Australian Dental Association  (ADA) recommends wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard, because unlike an over-the-counter mouth guard, a custom-fitted one will ensure maximum protection when it really matters.

Activities where you should be wearing a mouth guard

Football, Rugby, Soccer, Hockey, BMX bike riding, Baseball, Boxing, Martial arts.

What does a mouth Guard do?

A mouth guard helps to absorb the shock experienced by a blow to the face.

  1. Cushions teeth against impact
  2. Protects against jaw joint injuries
  3. Protects against soft tissue injuries
  4. Helps prevent neck and jaw injuries
  5. May help reduce concussion
Reasons to wear a mouth guard

By wearing a properly fitted mouth guard damage can be reduced or prevented.  Custom fitted mouth guards made by a dentist allow an accurate fit and can be made with the appropriate thickness for the activity you are doing.   They are more comfortable and allow you to talk and they have maximum resistance against being dislodges and should not restrict breathing.  The materials used in making your mouth guard is manufactured in Australia and provides an impressive high impact strength 30% greater that mouth guards made with traditional materials.  The technology that has gone into the development of this material has also resulted in a thinner, yet stronger mouth guard. You can also get them in any colour you want (blue and black would be our preference!! Go the ROYALS)

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