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Dental Equipment

Ive always had a passion for cool high-tech gadgets, ever since I was a little kid.

As a kid I couldn’t go anywhere without a pocket knife, torch and a walkie talkie.

This love for cool gadgetry didn’t stop when I became an adult. My car is a Landcruiser with 4 spot lights, 2 led fog lights, bull bar, underbody bash plates, snorkel, electronic power chip, wireless winch, raised suspension and mud tyres!


My love of cool gadgets and technology has well and truly infiltrated my practice as a dentist. Come in to my surgery and you will find flat screen TV’s on the roof, 3D optical scanners and computer aided milling machines. 2 different lasers, mini cameras, touch control furnaces…. If there is something cool, cutting edge and brilliant quality….I’ve got to have it.

As a dentist, this means having quality, innovative products at my disposal…As a patient this means you are surrounded by the best the world has to offer.

I have Italian tweezers, Japanese motors and Scandinavian consumables. Most of my surgery however is German. This was never a conscious decision but rather a culmination of years of sourcing the best in the industry, often leading me to German made computing power and German made instruments. The best high tech, high precision, quality dental gadgets from around the world to give you a seamless, stressless, comfortable appointment with ridiculously high precision.

When my love of gadgets means a patient walks out the door with a smile on their face and a restoration with accuracy measured in microns….THEN I can have a great weekend!

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