What’s so wise about those wisdom teeth?

What’s so wise about those wisdom teeth?

So why are the third molars considered so “wise”? Wisdom teeth are the rear molars that erupt last, around the late teens or early 20’s once we are a bit wiser!


So why do so many people need to get their wisdom teeth removed?  In some cases, there may not be enough room for these teeth, and they can erupt at angles and become impacted. Food and Bacteria can then become trapped between the wisdom tooth and the neighbouring tooth causing tooth decay and gum infections. Infections can be treated with antibiotics but often the infection will return unless the impacted wisdom tooth is removed. Any decay in neighbouring teeth should be removed as soon as possible and be replaced with a suitable filling material. With x-rays and a thorough examination your dentist can advise you on which wisdom teeth if any need to be extracted.



Extraction of wisdom teeth

Dr Mendelsohn has undergone extensive training in a range of oral surgery procedures. His clinic is equipped for anything from wisdom teeth extractions and biopsies to bone grafting and implant dentistry.  All these procedures can be done under varying levels of sedation including I.V. sedation where a visiting anaesthetist comes to administer medications to help reduce anxiety and help the appointment go by much faster and easier.  Call 9225 6564 or book online at www.mendelsohndental.com.au


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