The Team

Dental Assistant
Oral Health Therapist

Aleisha has a wealth of experience and knowledge in treating people of all ages. Aleisha has a passion for preventing problems before they start and managing complex gum conditions. All our patients describe Aleisha in the same way…Gentle and thorough. Aleisha spends 25 hours a day chasing after her children Elliot and Abigail.

Practice Manager and Owner of our Home-away-from-home. Heidi is the captain of our ship. She will make sure you are taken care of from the moment you arrive until you leave with a smile on your face. Heidi makes sure all the gears are well oiled and the patients are adequately caffeinated. Heidi’s other passion is baking and cooking with ingredients sourced from her garden. Fresh produce, home cooking and happy patients.

Dr Saul is the principal Dentist at Mendelsohn Dental on Royal. He has an absolute passion for quality and excellence, striving to blend the art of beauty with the science of perfect dentistry to wow his patients. Technology if paramount and everything he does is cutting edge. When the boss gives him time off you can find him under water, diving around Perth or driving on the beautiful beaches of WA.

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