Crowns in just 1 appointment

Crowns in just 1 appointment

Many people are put off going to the dentist due to the inconvenience of taking time off of work or just being too busy. This can lead to small problems becoming bigger and doesn’t help in the long run. Dental Crowns can now be done at MDOR in just one visit.

One of the most incredible innovations in dentistry has been the introduction of computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing of precise, beautiful top quality crowns, veneers and ceramic inlays which can be done in a single visit. This means less time off from your life to get brilliant dental treatment.

At Mendelsohn Dental on Royal we now have the best computer aided design system in the world, straight out of Germany. This means in many cases we can do crowns or ceramic inlays on the spot without having to get temporary crowns and come back two weeks later, like you may be used to.

The result? Absolute brilliance. The precision, appearance and quality of these crowns is second to none and all done while you wait.

Single visit crowns, computer designed smiles, replacing old amalgam fillings with durable, beautiful ceramic inlays….this is no longer the future. It’s now.

How it works, in a nut shell:

A 3D camera creates a computer model of your teeth. From there Dr Mendelsohn designs a crown, inlay, or veneer to best suit your tooth, your mouth, your smile and your appearance. This information is then sent to a computer aided milling machine that precisely carves your crown out of a solid block of ceramic. Once the fit is checked the crown is glazed in a furnace to bring out a natural brilliance and lustre. And this is all done white you wait.

For a quick video explaining the process have a look at

The future of dentistry is here now at Mendelsohn Dental on Royal.

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